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Entrepreneurs Memorandum Part-I (To be filed in as Expression of intent). Those who intent to set up manufacture or Service industry. Entrepreneurs Memorandum Part-II (To be filed by Existing Units) . For an existing Industry. For those who want to file application in person or by post will have to download the application.
Click here to apply Entrepreneurs Memorandum Application Part-I
Click here to apply Entrepreneurs Memorandum Application Part-II
Memorandum is to be field with the District Industries Centre* by a Micro,Small or Medium Enterprise,as the case may be,under sum-section(1) of section 8 of the Micro,Small and Medium Enterprise Development (MSMED) Act 2006. Four copies of the Memorandum Should be Field. There is no need for processing the Memorandum.Existing units should fill up only part-II of the Memorandum. In case of any change in the information,at any point of time,please inform the details within three months to district industries centre. Write/type in block (capital letters).Leave one blank box after each word. Fill up whichever is applicable. All codes other than pin code shall be filled by the office. Form will be machine numbered by the district industries centre. (* To be filed at the District Industries Centre under whose jurisdiction the enterprise is proposed to be located).
New Definitions as per MSMED Act 2006
Sl No Type of Enterprise
Investment in Plant Machinery / Equipments (in Rupees)
Manufacturing Service
1 Micro Enterprise Up to 25 Lakhs Up to 10 Lakhs
2 Small Enterprise Above 25 Lakhs to 5 Crores Above 10 Lakhs to 2 Crores
3 Medium Enterprise Above 5 Crores to 10 Crores Above 2 Crores to 5 Crores
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